2019-11-10: Creek Show 2019 at the Waterloo Greenway

2019-07-23: San Francisco - China Town

2019-07-17: 🎥 The Farewell I was back at Austin Film Society last night to catch a screening of The Farewell. It was a great …

2019-07-14: 🍿 General Magic Earlier this week, I attended a screening of General Magic at Austin Film Society. The documentary …

2019-07-13: Currently reading: The Frame-Up by Meghan Scott Molin 📚

2019-05-16: Lia and I dressed up as Beetlejuice and Lydia for the Beetlejuice screening at the Hollywood Forever …

2019-05-11: Dust to dust. Very impressive truck dirt art. I found 🔗 this article in the LA Times about the …

2019-02-03: Saw this at the grocery store tomorrow.

2019-01-02: Dog Food Band

2019-01-01: Rose Parade float decorating 🌹

2018-12-31: 🍺 🥕 Enjoying some Madras carrot blossom mead from Heidrun Meadery

2018-12-26: Lia and I took a a Christmas Day walk along the beach path from Santa Monica to Venice (and back).

2018-12-24: LA Zoo Lights

2018-12-23: Took a quick day trip to Solvang to celebrate Julefest. Of course, when you’re in Solvang, you have …

2018-12-21: Had an incredible dinner (9 courses, plus wine pairings!) at Trois Mec! So cool to see Chef Ludo and …

2018-12-20: Lia ordered a “Texas-sized” donut from DK’s Donuts to celebrate my birthday and recent move to …

2018-12-18: Lia and I kicked off the holiday season with the annual screening of National Lampoon’s …

2018-12-17: Invader “Into the White Cube” exhibit at Over the Influence in Los Angeles.

2018-12-11: HyperDrive: World’s 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 by HYPER by Sanho Corporation — …

2018-11-27: I finally visited the Montana Shop L.A. over the weekend and picked up some new markers that I can’t …

2018-11-27: 🎮 Lia and I visited Two Bit Circus while I was back in Los Angeles over the weekend. Despite a …

2018-11-26: 🍺 Had to swing by Iron Triangle over the weekend to try the Live By Night and a few other things. …

2018-11-25: Hey Preppies! Grabbed a quick dinner at The Max :-)

2018-11-24: Moonlight Forest at the LA Arboretum

2018-11-21: Lia and I went to the Maccarone Gallery today to check out an exhibit of Jim Carrey’s political …

2018-10-01: Bye, car! See you in Austin!

2018-09-18: Beautiful day hiking in the Rockies

2018-09-13: Was going to go hiking today, but opted for art and beer instead. The sculpture is one of the pieces …

2018-09-12: The Zombies at the Troubadour.

2018-09-07: Birthday girl and her new car!

2018-08-27: 🍺 We wrapped up the weekend with at El Segundo Brewing Company taproom. Both the Brut AF and Cerveza …

2018-08-23: Last night we were finally able to make it to Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Night at Rockwell Table & …

2018-08-20: Strolling through the aisles of Sparrow Mart, a pop up filled with felt versions of grocery store …

2018-08-08: Want to read: Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve …

2018-08-05: Enjoyed the 3D: Double Vision exhibit at LACMA yesterday. It was really cool to see how 3D art has …

2018-07-29: Celebrated the 30th anniversary of Die Hard with a screening at “Nakatomi Plaza“

2018-07-05: Spent the (ridiculously hot) day hiking in Malibu Creek State Park and found the old set for MAS*H

2018-06-25: 2018-06-24 Saw some amazing graffiti at the Beyond the Streets exhibit this weekend 2018-06-25

2018-06-18: Fun night at the “Best F(r)iends” screening! So excited to see Tommy and Greg! 🎥😎🏈

2018-06-15: Point Reyes shipwreck

2018-06-14: Quick trip to Apple Park Visitor Center after AltConf

2018-06-14: Wrapping up a project where I got to use a bunch of new (to me) technology - Vapor 3, Vue.js, and …

2018-06-04: Ready for the WWDC keynote stream at AltConf!

2018-06-03: Waiting to board my flight to San Jose and ran into some iOS devs showing off their apps at the …

2018-05-21: Had some great strawberry ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at the LA Food Bowl yesterday

2018-05-16: Netflix FYSEE Amazing to hear Ma Anand Sheela in conversation with Mark Duplass and the directors of “Wild Wild …

2018-05-12: Tanaka Farms Pickin’ strawberries and pettin’ chickens, y’all. 🍓🐓

2018-05-09: Finally bought my AltConf ticket and made travel arrangements to San Jose. I’m looking forward to …

2018-05-03: “Little horse is a big deal!” Li’l Sebastian, is that you??? 🐎😁

2018-05-02: Sunset at Ventura Harbor

2018-05-01: Could have spent all day at Bart’s Books in Ojai. It’s one of the coolest indie bookstores I’ve ever …

2018-05-01: Made a new friend at the olive orchard in Ojai 🐶☺️

2018-04-25: 📚 Finished I’ll Be Gone in the Dark last week and attended Patton Oswalt’s talk at the Los Angeles …

2018-04-04: Got my tickets for Grandoozy! The lineup looks awesome, and I’m excited to explore Denver again for …

2018-04-01: Enjoyed some awesome soup dumplings yesterday at Din Tia Fung! 🥟

2018-03-31: Great day exploring and wine tasting in Santa Barbara 🍷

2018-03-25: Ready Player One Challenge Search, play, take the leap. Had fun at the Ready Player One Challenge yesterday 🕹

2018-03-22: I had a blast at the premiere of Game Over, Man! last night. Such a funny movie!

2018-03-21: 🤞Fingers crossed!

2018-03-20: One of my favorite iPad apps, Linea, just got a major update. I use the app daily for sketching UI …

2018-03-16: I hope we learn more about ClassKit at the Apple education event on the 27th.

2018-03-11: 🎾 Drove to Indian Wells yesterday to watch some of my favorite tennis players at the BNP Paribas …

2018-02-26: Finally received my Estimote Mirrors in the mail today. I’m looking forward to experimenting with …

2018-02-24: Michael Jackson and Bubbles 🐒 at the Broad

2018-02-21: Exploring The Huntington Library The Desert Garden

2018-02-13: Peeling out on the 405 🍌 :-)

2018-02-09: I had a great time at The Willows, a spooky immersive theatre experience, last night. If you live …

2018-02-07: I’m building the web admin for a new project and decided to use UIKit instead of Bootstrap. So far, …

2018-01-30: 🔗 Vapor 3 Release Schedule I’m looking forward to the release of Vapor 3. I’ve been using the beta …

2018-01-16: Workspaces App I’m currently working on a service that includes an API, website, and iOS client and have been using …

2018-01-16: Short rib radiatori at North Italia last night

2018-01-10: Currently reading Server-Side Swift (Vapor Edition) by Paul Hudson. It is a fantastic book for …

2018-01-04: First day back to work after a long, relaxing vacation. Starting a new Vapor project and filing for …

2018-01-03: Checking out Bell Rock in Sedona on New Year’s Day.

2018-01-02: White Sands National Monument. No snow during our road trip, but we did sled down some dunes here!

2017-12-30: Giant 🤖 in the parking lot at Meow Wolf.

2017-12-30: Had a blast visiting Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return today!

2017-12-28: Spent most of the day hiking The Narrows at Zion National Park with @lia. It was so cold we had ice …

2017-12-26: Great day of hiking in Zion National Park. Some additional photos on Instagram

2017-12-25: Hiking the Hoodoos. Beautiful location and weather. Some additional photos on Instagram

2017-12-25: Merry Christmas!

2017-12-24: Started the day with a trip to the neon boneyard. I’ve wanted to check this place out for a while!

2017-12-24: 🚗 Wrapped up day one of our road trip with the Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil

2017-12-18: One of the many 🤖 at #robolights in Palm Springs.

2017-12-07: Current weather condition is “smoke.”

2017-12-03: Spent some time today hiking Vasquez Rocks.

2017-12-03: Lia petting a jellyfish at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.




2017-12-01: 🔪 Knife skills workshop with Chef Ludo. Ready to julienne all my food now.

2017-11-19: I went Obey Giant’s Damaged exhibit today and was surprised to see Shepard Fairey discussing his art …

2017-11-17: Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 7: “Shadow”

2017-11-16: Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 6: “Seasonal” - Pumpkin spice donut from Sidecar.

2017-11-15: Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 5: “Liquid” - Miu Mius at her water bowl on the patio

2017-11-14: Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 4: “Up Close” - lightbulb on a glass table

2017-11-13: Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 3: “On the Move” - Axl Rose picture disc at 33 RPM

2017-11-12: Micro.blog photo challenge day 2: “tasty.” Fish and chips from Batter Fish food truck.

2017-11-11: Day one of the micro.blog photo challenge. Today’s theme is “squares.”

2017-11-05: Sunday afternoon flight at Iron Triangle. Had to pick up a few bottles of Jawbone to take home, too! …

2017-11-03: From the Cosmic Dialogues exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

2017-11-01: Remembering Barb #justiceforbarb - Dia de los Muertos shrine for Barb (Stranger Things)

2017-10-30: Walking through a room filled with giant popsicle sculptures at the Museum of Ice Cream!

2017-10-16: I think I found the most awesome halloween costume ever on Amazon :-)

2017-10-12: Quick Tip: Use Alfred to Look Up Apple API Errors

This morning I noticed a tip in the Core Intuition Slack group that DuckDuckGo has added a search …

2017-10-12: 🔗 quicktype Given sample data, quicktype infers its type and writes the code needed to work with …

2017-10-09: Finally made it to the Hollywood Bowl. At the premiere event for JANE, the new Nat Geo documentary …

2017-10-09: I had a great time at CalJam 17 this weekend. Amazing performances by Queens of the Stone Age and …

2017-10-05: An evening of art and rock ‘n’ roll! 🤘At Nikki Sixx’s gallery opening and unveiling of the “Nikki …

2017-10-02: Had a fun, relaxing weekend. @Lia and I watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle and went to a Ben …

2017-09-29: 🔗 The power of switch statements in Swift — Swift by Sundell

2017-09-26: I had a great time catching up with some old friends on the latest episode of the PSCC Mobile Talk …

2017-09-19: I now have a bobblehead Brandon staring at me while I code :-)

2017-09-19: 📱Upgrading my phone to iOS 11! I’ve been running the beta on my iPad since WWDC with very few …

2017-09-18: Paradise Cove Luau - our last evening in Hawaii

2017-09-18: USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

2017-09-15: 🌊 🌊 🌊

2017-09-15: Sailing around Waikiki

2017-09-14: 🌊 Halona Blowhole 🌊

2017-09-05: My first #fathead pizza 🍕

2017-08-31: Lazy 🐈

2017-08-28: Some new street art near the apartment. Artists' Instagram accounts - @lukek2s @quik_k2s

2017-08-24: Really enjoyed watching Patti Cake$ last night, but now I’ve got the PBNJ track stuck in my head!


2017-08-18: Nice file management library using Codable protocol in Swift 4. Disk.

2017-08-17: Great Transmit 5 Review at Mac Stories. I’ve been using it for FTP and Amazon S3 access on my …

2017-08-17: Poppy super bloom in the desert.

2017-08-17: Mirage House



2017-08-17: “Science, bitches!” 🔷 Great hearing Bryan Cranston talk about his new memoir! …

2017-08-17: Dave Grohl interviewing his mom about her new book 😄

2017-08-17: Finally planted my Carolina reaper and ghost peppers! 🌶 🔥

2017-08-17: Art on every corner in my neighborhood. #santamonica

2017-08-17: Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! #excellent

2017-08-17: Celebrating Prince’s birthday with “Princess” - Maya Rudolph’s awesome …

2017-08-17: Hell if rhino 🦏 #becausevenice




2017-08-17: Entering Westworld

2017-08-17: Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol #revolvergallery

2017-08-17: From the Counting Crows concert a couple nights ago. I love the Spice Girls photo in the background …

2017-08-16: 300 Pitchforks #the14thfactory #losangeles

2017-06-02: Want to celebrate #DonutDay? Fine a nearby donut shop using my iOS app, Go Donut - …

2017-05-17: Can’t wait to check out Vapor 2 - medium.com/@qutheory…

2017-04-28: First post on micro.blog! Grabbed my username , @brandon, and hopefully setup everything correctly. …



2017-03-06: Hiking in Studio City


2017-01-02: Good way to finish the day!

2017-01-02: View from Wayfarers Chapel

2016-12-06: 🍩My latest app, GoDonut, is now available in iTunes! It allows you to satisfy your donut craving by …

2016-11-26: Salvation Mountain #leicaq

2016-11-24: Love wins. #leicaq

2016-11-23: Interior shot of an old truck at Salvation Mountain. #leicaq #salvationmountain

2016-11-23: Cabazon Dinosaurs #leicaq #blackandwhitephotography

2016-11-13: Afternoon snack and Humble Potato // Shichimi garlic Parmesan fries and a cold …

2016-11-11: #Repost @ga_losangeles with @repostapp ・・・ Congrats to our amazing students; the first iOS Immersive …

2016-10-23: The #jesuswall

2016-10-23: Seeing all the art today makes me want to create something! #breweryartwalk #losangeles

2016-10-08: Awesome talk by Mathieu Bitton this morning at @leicastorela #leicalaccc

2016-10-08: Rattlesnake and rabbit


2016-10-03: The cafeteria inside #thehospital

2016-10-03: #thehospital


2016-08-19: In the jungle with @_lia_b! #losangeles #gunsnroses #notinthislifetime

2016-08-14: Yum - 🦀 sandwich for lunch at #smorgasburgla





2016-08-08: #venicebeach

2016-08-07: Festival of the Chariots

2016-08-07: Venice Beach graffiti

2016-08-06: Craft beer at the zoo! #brewatthezoo #losangeles 🍻🐘

2016-07-26: Testing out my new camera and captured a rare shot of Mius sitting still.

2016-07-24: Santa Monica palm trees against a #sandfire sky

2016-07-17: Parked by the #Aviato company car. 😁#bachmanityinsanity #piedpiper


2016-07-05: Turnip cake fries at M Con


2016-07-03: Hunka-hunka burnin' wisdom


2016-06-18: Basquiat at The Broad

2016-06-17: Manage Tweet Collections With Charm

Charm is a free iOS app that works along with your favorite Twitter client to make collecting, …


2016-05-30: Just had a raindrop cake with @_lia_b and @punch.it.in

2016-05-16: Mius contemplating the meaning of life :-)



2015-12-28: Brunch at @eggslutla with @_lia_b

2015-12-24: Record shopping with @_lia_b at @amoebahollywood

2015-12-23: The @sidecardoughnuts huckleberry donut is the best! #donuts #santamonica


2015-12-08: Don’t think I have to worry about misplacing my new skateboard :-)



2015-09-25: Pancake Brandon!


2015-09-18: Alice in Chains @musicmidtown

2015-09-18: Enjoying day 1 of @musicmidtown with @_lia_b

2015-07-30: Astro Centipede

2015-05-18: Central Park


2015-05-16: Coney Island



2015-05-15: Uptown funk you up.


2015-05-15: Katz’s Deli . . . Yum! @_lia_b @blake291981

2015-05-06: First day with #applewatch and I’m really impressed with most aspects so far. Dictation seems …

2015-03-15: Innovations Conference Presentation Materials

Earlier this week I attended the Innovations Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to …


2015-03-10: Boston Holocaust Memorial



2015-02-19: Bummed a ride in a fancy private jet earlier today!

2015-02-18: Beacon Quest iOS App

In a previous post, I discussed the development QR Quest, an iOS app that encourages PSCC students …

2015-02-17: Announcing the Mobile Talk Podcast

I’m excited to announce the launch of Mobile Talk, a podcast from the PSCC Mobile Fellows. In …

2015-02-17: CodeTN Presentation Resources Available Last fall, Pellissippi State Community College partnered with Greater Schools to launch the …

2015-02-12: Chaco Bacon Bliss Donut. @blake291981 next time you guys are in town we have to try this!

2015-01-17: Took a nice hike to Rainbow Falls today

2015-01-08: Got my ticket for tomorrow’s talk!

2014-12-25: Sunshine cat

2014-12-19: My first batch kegged. Looking forward to sampling it in a few days!

2014-12-06: An evening with #Weezer







2014-10-12: Whiskey Barrel fish

2014-10-05: Making some hot sauce with homegrown jalapeño and ghost peppers plus a few cloves of garlic from our …




2014-08-09: Stuck in the hospital but finding ways to keep ourselves entertained :-)

2014-08-03: Took a few hours to enjoy the lake today

2014-07-30: Scavenger Hunts Using QR Codes Late last year I was accepted into my college’s first Mobile Engagement Fellows program. The program …


2014-06-29: Kayaking with Lia this afternoon.

2014-06-28: Saturday night sour puss #grumpycat #freakerusa



2014-06-21: Charred Citrus and fennel salad at #trustfallknox


2014-06-20: One of two tiny bunnies that live somewhere in my front yard.


2014-06-07: Hiking the trails near Concord Marina

2014-05-31: Filming has begun! #k24hff

2014-05-19: Watching Outcast at Hangout Fest


2014-05-16: Taking a break at #hangoutfest

2014-04-25: The English major in me is in pain.

2014-04-25: I knew the ducks at work were strange, but apparently they are now cannibals. I caught these two …

2014-04-19: Discovered a new way of opening paint cans

2014-03-22: Cleaning up the old house and found one of Miu Mius’s trophies

2014-03-20: The park near our new house.

2014-02-24: Building a Better Tour App Using iBeacons

Estimote beacon deviceSince Apple introduced iBeacons at WWDC in June last year, we’ve seen plenty of announcements …

2014-02-13: Bottled some beer on my snow day!

2014-02-13: Retiring the D2L Reference App I first released the D2L Quick Reference iOS application in February 2011. Over a three-year time …

2014-01-25: Organic oatmeal at the Krispy Kreme counter.


2014-01-01: Cleveland Rocks! Happy New Year!

2014-01-01: Lia and I just ate a candle! Celebrating NYE at the Greenhouse Tavern.

2013-12-31: GNR at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame




2013-12-05: Holiday Spectacular!

2013-12-03: It has to be good with a name like that

2013-12-03: Wine tasting

2013-12-03: Before my first NBA game


2013-07-18: D2L Fusion 2013 This week, I attended Fusion, Desire2Learn's annual User's conference. I've been fortunate to get to …

2013-05-20: A Semester With Glassboard

I’ve never been a big fan of Desire2Learn’s mobile interface. The Discussion tool, …

2013-01-26: D2L Book Update (Update - 4/18) According to the publisher, the corrected version of the book is now available …

2012-12-10: Special Delivery Hot off the press! Copies of my book arrived in the mail today. It’s neat to see months of my …

2012-09-25: Smart App Banners in iOS 6

One of the less-discussed new features in iOS 6 is the ability to display Smart App banners in …

2012-09-19: iOS 6 in Education - Guided Access

Guided Access helps students with disabilities such as autism remain on task and focused on content. …

2012-04-30: D2L Edge Challenge

Watchalearning is a native iOS application that uses streaming video and chat functionality to …

2011-08-09: iOS Application for Workshop Handouts

At the D2L UnConference I demoed an alpha version an iPad application I have been working on that is …