At UTFCU, we’re getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign and website geared specifically for students. While we’re still a few days away from the official unveiling of the new site at, we decided to start building momentum by taking part in an old tradition at UTK – painting the rock! If you’ve been to this blog before, you may already know that I enjoy photographing street art and have even started creating my own pieces (on canvas and plywood); however, this was the first time I’ve painted anything in public and certainly the first time graffiti has been part of my work day.

We began, in typical banker fashion, with a quick recognizance mission to measure the rock and then it was off to Jerry’s Art-a-rama to buy some Montana spray paint and other supplies. Then, I created the stencil design in Photoshop and used an LCD projector to create a paper version. After we finished cutting the stencils, we drove to the rock to prime the rock, then paint the graphic. We chose to paint the new utfcu-rocks logo, which my wife helped design, along with a reference to our newly purchased shared short code. I’ll write a separate post later on about our short code usage and some of the other interesting things featured in the new student campaign. I recorded the whole process with a Flip video camera and uploaded it to the credit union’s YouTube account today.

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