On April 19 I offered a beginning iPhone application development training session at Walters State Community College. We started off by discussing some of our favorite mobile applications, then jumped right in to a discussion on what’s needed to develop apps for iOS devices. We ended the first part of the day by making our app icons and splash screen in Photoshop, taking a quick tour of X-Code, and covering the basics of Objective-C. We built something similar to the D2L Quick Reference app in the session after lunch; adding an extra media player and removing the shake features and settings screen.

This was the first time I’ve taught an iOS development workshop so I wasn’t really sure how things would work out. All things considered, I think the day went fairly well. We actually finished a majority of the app even though I had to take some shortcuts towards the end of the day to get all of the functionality in place. Driving home from the event, however, I realized that this sort of training would probably be much better suited for a series of blog posts or video tutorials than a full day of training – especially for folks that have never launched X-Code or developed in Objective-C before.

This summer I’ll be spending some time developing materials for an upcoming course I’m teaching on mobile web design (more on that later), and I think that would also be a great time to get started on a series of iPhone dev tutorials. My thinking is that the tutorials would be presented weekly and guide tech-savvy educators and instructional technologists through the entire process of developing an app from an idea sketched on paper to preparation of submission to the app store. At this point I don’t know exactly what app I would want to build, but I definitely want to keep it simple – maybe a training app or some sort of e-book app. Or I could even go through the app we built  in the original session. Anyway, I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below!

Posted by Brandon Ballentine

My name is Brandon and I'm an iOS developer and instructional technology consultant based in Los Angeles, California.

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