I recently returned from D2L’s annual Fusion Conference, which was held in Denver, Colorado this year. In addition to a great location, there were several exciting product announcement in the mobile area that really caught my attention. I am particularly interested in the REST web services API that I believe is slated for release along with 9.4 in October.

Audrey and I presented a poster session on some of the ways we are enhancing faculty training using mobile technology including:

  • The D2L Quick Reference app for instructors, which has already been discussed on this blog.
  • Embedding QR codes in training resources.
  • A new iOS app I’ve been working on that automatically downloads workshop handouts, links, and other resources when launched. You can find out more about the initiative by reading our post on the ETS blog!

Rather than a traditional poster, we decided to simplify things a bit by bringing only a QR code that linked to a mobile-optimized web page with the poster details. Not surprisingly, the poster drew quite a few visitors!


Brandon and Audrey at Fusion 2011

Lia and I stuck around the area for a few days after the conference was over and had an amazing time touring breweries, hiking in the Rocky Mountains National Forest, and just hanging out together.

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