Quick trip to Apple Park Visitor Center after AltConf

Wrapping up a project where I got to use a bunch of new (to me) technology - Vapor 3, Vue.js, and Docker. As an iOS developer, I’ve really enjoyed being able to write my own server backend in Swift!

Ready for the WWDC keynote stream at AltConf!

Waiting to board my flight to San Jose and ran into some iOS devs showing off their apps at the gate. This is going to be an awesome week!

Had some great strawberry ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at the LA Food Bowl yesterday

Netflix FYSEE

Amazing to hear Ma Anand Sheela in conversation with Mark Duplass and the directors of “Wild Wild Country” at last night’s Netflix event. Sheela is so awesome!

Tanaka Farms

Pickin’ strawberries and pettin’ chickens, y’all. 🍓🐓

Finally bought my AltConf ticket and made travel arrangements to San Jose. I’m looking forward to the Micro.blog Meetup and also attending my first developer conference! I’ve attended/presented at a bunch of instructional tech conferences (as part of my previous job), but never anything focused on development.

“Little horse is a big deal!” Li’l Sebastian, is that you??? 🐎😁

Sunset at Ventura Harbor

Could have spent all day at Bart’s Books in Ojai. It’s one of the coolest indie bookstores I’ve ever visited — and it’s outdoors! 📚☀️

Made a new friend at the olive orchard in Ojai 🐶☺️

📚 Finished I’ll Be Gone in the Dark last week and attended Patton Oswalt’s talk at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday. Today I’m catching up on news that police have arrested the (suspected) Golden State Killer. Crazy!

Got my tickets for Grandoozy! The lineup looks awesome, and I’m excited to explore Denver again for a few days.

Enjoyed some awesome soup dumplings yesterday at Din Tia Fung! 🥟

Great day exploring and wine tasting in Santa Barbara 🍷

Ready Player One Challenge

Search, play, take the leap. Had fun at the Ready Player One Challenge yesterday 🕹

I had a blast at the premiere of Game Over, Man! last night. Such a funny movie!

🤞Fingers crossed!

One of my favorite iPad apps, Linea, just got a major update. I use the app daily for sketching UI ideas and taking notes and am looking forward to using the new ZipLine and image import features.

MacStories has a great review of all the new functionality.