Brandon Ballentine

Could have spent all day at Bart’s Books in Ojai. It’s one of the coolest indie bookstores I’ve ever visited — and it’s outdoors! 📚☀️

Made a new friend at the olive orchard in Ojai 🐶☺️

📚 Finished I’ll Be Gone in the Dark last week and attended Patton Oswalt’s talk at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday. Today I’m catching up on news that police have arrested the (suspected) Golden State Killer. Crazy!

Got my tickets for Grandoozy! The lineup looks awesome, and I’m excited to explore Denver again for a few days.

Enjoyed some awesome soup dumplings yesterday at Din Tia Fung! 🥟

Great day exploring and wine tasting in Santa Barbara 🍷

Ready Player One Challenge

Search, play, take the leap. Had fun at the Ready Player One Challenge yesterday 🕹

I had a blast at the premiere of Game Over, Man! last night. Such a funny movie!

🤞Fingers crossed!

One of my favorite iPad apps, Linea, just got a major update. I use the app daily for sketching UI ideas and taking notes and am looking forward to using the new ZipLine and image import features.

MacStories has a great review of all the new functionality.

I hope we learn more about ClassKit at the Apple education event on the 27th.

🎾 Drove to Indian Wells yesterday to watch some of my favorite tennis players at the BNP Paribas Open!

Finally received my Estimote Mirrors in the mail today. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them later this week!

Michael Jackson and Bubbles 🐒 at the Broad

Exploring The Huntington Library

The Desert Garden

Peeling out on the 405 🍌 :-)

I had a great time at The Willows, a spooky immersive theatre experience, last night. If you live near LA, it’s definitely worth a visit! 💀

I’m building the web admin for a new project and decided to use UIKit instead of Bootstrap. So far, I really enjoying working with the framework.

🔗 Vapor 3 Release Schedule

I’m looking forward to the release of Vapor 3. I’ve been using the beta for a few weeks and really like it. Support for Codable makes everything so much easier!

Here’s a great overview of what’s new.

Workspaces App

I’m currently working on a service that includes an API, website, and iOS client and have been using an app called Workspaces to efficiently switch between each of those projects.

Workspaces allows you to associate a number of resources (files & folders, websites, emails, etc.) with a project. You can specify which resources are opened automatically when you start working on a project, and the rest are quickly available via the menubar.

For example, starting my API project opens Terminal (at the project’s directory), my Xcode project, and a Paw document for testing the API. I can visit the repo’s Project page (or any of the other resources) from the menubar whenever I need to.

I’ve been very impressed by the app so far and look forward to seeing what the developer adds in future versions.

Short rib radiatori at North Italia last night

Currently reading Server-Side Swift (Vapor Edition) by Paul Hudson. It is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to learn more about Vapor 3 (beta). 📚

First day back to work after a long, relaxing vacation. Starting a new Vapor project and filing for a new LLC. Great way to start the new year!

Checking out Bell Rock in Sedona on New Year’s Day.

White Sands National Monument. No snow during our road trip, but we did sled down some dunes here!