Beacon Quest

An iBeacon-powered scavenger hunt for students at Pellissippi State Community College. Participants solve clues leading them to specific areas on campus. iBeacons are used to determine a participant’s proximity to clue destinations. When a destination is found, the in-app camera functionality activates, allowing the student to record their progress by taking a picture. At the end of the hunt, students submit their results to earn extra credit.

I created this app as an extension of the QR Quest project after receiving 10 iBeacons for testing on campus. I presented a session on the development of this app at the Innovations conference in Boston (March 8-11, 2015). Click here to download presentation materials from that session.

Click here to read more about the app.

iBeacon Audio Tour

Interact with your surroundings and discover nearby points of interest using this engaging, iBeacon-powered application. As users move between buildings, the app’s interface automatically updates to display information about the closest point of interest. A custom slider is used to control playback of the audio track, but the app is configured for continuous playback, so users can also tap the play button once and complete an entire tour without needing to touch the app again.